Humanistic Project

In this project we have incorporated two fields of: Neurology and Art.

The aim of this team is to stand apart from any preconceived idea and far away from classifying people as sick people. This Project presents each patient as people that inspire others, "People that are able to change and to evolve".

Neurology offers the artist an uncertain, but wide opened field. It gives the artist the possibility to think about evolution.

This is an artistic vision of a person that is inspired by people.

Mikel Belascoain - Aimar_Alta_011 -
Mikel Belascoain - Proyecto Humanista-
Mikel Belascoain -CHARO. AMNESIA-

Work in Progress

The creation of the art work is done during a period of one year. During this timeframe the artist was involved in making contact with and building an understanding with people with various neurological diseases. This project has continued to develop during this time and it is open to change in the future. Currently, the artistic proposal includes the following disciplines:
  1. Painting
  2. Film Making
  3. Music and Performance
Mikel Belascoain - Mikel + Consciencia -
Mikel Belascoain -MIKEL BELASCOAIN 2-
Mikel Belascoain - Proyecto-Humanista-13-
Mikel Belascoain - MONTAJE 3-