Brief Summary

In January 2015, Doctor Manuel Murie, specialist in Neurology and Neuro-Rehabilitation began a dialogue with the Navarre artist Mikel Belascoain. The original idea was to incorporate the two very different fields of art and neurology, with the basic concept being that "People are able to evolve ".

This idea inspired the artist to prepare a monumental art proposal as a tribute to the person and our ability to evolve..

The artist Mikel Belascoain, has shown great interest in the brain and Neurology and has initiated relationships with 5 patients, their families and their particular contexts. All with various serious neurological diseases. "Persona" follows        "Ceremony" (2014) and is the second phase of  the project “Trilogy of New Art”,  conceived by the artist as a tribute to vitalism. The exhibition has two main elements: The first element is a 7 meter high painting. The painting consists of 68 canvases of different sizes assembled together on an iron structure. This monumental work is composed of 12 main colorful images and different symbols. Each image was inspired by the people with whom the artist had contact with and studied over a one year period of time. Other artists that have influenced the style and conception of this work are Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and Pablo Picasso. This pictorial work draws on different concepts from the artist's encounters with the patients such as: empathy, emotional rescue, ego, faith and reason, imagination, isolation and lack of mobility. Also, classical concepts like tragedy or victory offering a contemporary conception of them. The work combines abstract and figurative elements and gives special importance to the use of color.  Additionally, other sculptural elements, complete an expressionist, symbolic and conceptual work relating to each person.
Mikel Belascoain - OBRA EN PROCESO -
Mikel Belascoain - OBRA EN PROCESO 3-
The second element of the art work is the documentary film. The film is directed in parallel with the creation of the paintings. The artist seeks to portray the essence of documentary filmmaking.  Mikel Belascoain has worked closely with the Spanish photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga. The film gives a photographic view that comes together and is inspired by each of the patients. The film consists of 6 stories and it is presented as a work in process. Music is also a very important part of the project. The Spanish artists Jon Ulecia and Cristina Martínez Lana, have composed an special soundtrack for the film andthe music will be performed live during the exhibition.  The first exhibition of "PERSONA" was held in Pamplona (Auditorium and Congress Palace of Navarra, Baluarte. Main Hall)  April 15, 2015.  It is expected that the exhibition will be presented in several more locations in Spain as well as two International venues. The project is presently supported by the Centro Neurológico de Atención Integral”, The Government of Navarra in Spain, and the Rioja winery Bodegas López de Heredia.  We are seeking further sponsorship to assist us in the presentation of the PERSONA project Nationally and Internationally.